What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat & Tears?

A political thriller with a classic rock band at the heart of the action WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS? involves the U.S. State Department, the Nixon White House, the governments of Yugoslavia, Romania and Poland and documentary footage that has been suppressed for over 50 years by one or all of the above.


In 1970, Blood, Sweat and Tears was one of the biggest bands in the world. They had exploded on the scene with both daring and promise, selling millions of records, winning multiple Grammy Awards including Album of the Year (beating out The Beatles' Abbey Road) and headlining the legendary Woodstock festival.  In demand for concert and TV appearances, BS&T was a darling of the mainstream and rock press, icon of the counterculture and inspiration for a generation of horn-based bands. Their future was limitless.  And then it all went wrong. 


Created with the full cooperation of Blood, Sweat and Tears, this feature documentary will overflow with great music, international political intrigue, compelling human moments, humour and fresh insight into this strange never-before-told story of a tangle with the Nixon administration, a controversial tour behind the Iron Curtain that put them in the crossfire of a polarized America and a lost tour documentary that might just explain it all.



‘Blood, Sweat and Blackmail: How an Iron Curtain Tour Ruined a Rock Giant’

- Jon Landau, Rolling Stone Magazine


'How Cold War Politics Destroyed One of the Most Popular Bands in America' 

- Alan Light, The New York Times



John Scheinfeld


John Scheinfeld

Running Time

1 x 84'

Year of Production



Clive Davies, Tim Naftali, David Clayton-Thomas


Writers Guild Awards Nominee for Best Documentary Screenplay - 2024

Critics Choice Documentary Award Nominee for Best Music Documentary - 2023

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