We are Rainmaker Content.

Your destination for open, participative and transparent distribution.

Rainmaker Content is a global content company formed to create, finance and distribute commercially scripted, non-scripted and special event programming, collaborating with award-winning producers and production companies who have proven track records of making high-quality premium programming for the widest audience.

Rainmaker Content acts as a specialist co-production brokerage working with broadcasters, streamers and digital platforms worldwide on behalf of producers to secure the requisite funding in whole or in part via co-production and/or presales to advance their ideas into production on the one hand and a modern-day worldwide distributor of comprehensive rights on the other, designed specifically to break the mould of the traditional distribution company by introducing new methods to deliver an open, participative and transparent distribution experience for the benefit of all stakeholders, thus setting it apart from its contemporaries and competitors.

Greg Phillips

Co-CEO l Founder

Graham Begg

Co-CEO l Founder

Vicky Ryan

COO l Founder

Philip von Alvensleben

Non-Executive Director

Debbie Manners

Non-Executive Director

Karen Wise

SVP, Worldwide Sales & Co-Productions

Colin Kiely

Director of Operations & Digital Distribution

Rebecca Berry

Marketing Consultant