Two Sisters

Alicia (Dilan Gwyn) and Vanessa (Julia Ragnarsson) are sisters and best friends who begin to drift apart in search of finding their identity in the adult world. Alicia lives a luxurious upper middle-class life in Östermalm and looks to have the perfect life with her partner Philip (Hannes Fohlin) but under the surface there are cracks in their relationship. 

Vanessa makes a comet career in the television industry but finds herself behaving destructively in Stockholm's nightlife and falls helplessly for music producer Martin (David Larsson). As she struggles to protect her little sister, her responsibility and consideration towards her is easily misinterpreted.


Julia Lindstrom


Julia Lindström, Amy Black Ndiaye,

Running Time

8 x 30 mins

Year of Production



Hannes Fohlin, Dilan Gwyn, Julia Ragnarsson, David Larson

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