Trouble With Sex

Dublin. The present. Michelle, an attractive twenty-something, is a hard working city-lawyer who has an on-going relationship with Ivan for three years.

At a party one night, Ivan openly flirts with another woman in front of Michelle. They have a terrible row in which Michelle breaks up with Ivan and leaves the party in tears.

Fleeing Ivan and the rain, Michelle stumbles into a bar close by, Flynn's. There she spies Conor, the young bartender, who serves her a drink. The bar is almost empty, only Conor, his drunken father, Old Man Flynn, and a few regulars are present. Despite the late hour, rain and her obvious anguish, Conor is immediately taken by Michelle. Shortly after, Michelle's best friend Kathy comes to pick her up and take her home. However, Old Man Flynn takes the opportunity to nod a look of approval to Conor, whose eye has obviously been taken by her.

Returning to Flynn's the next day to retrieve her mobile telephone, Michelle and Conor strike up a conversation. There is an immediate and mutual attraction and Michelle and Conor begin to date. What ensues is a roller coaster of emotions as the new relationship blossoms and quickly their feelings for each other develop and grow. Michelle and Conor learn the reality that the trouble with sex is - you can fall in love.


Fintan Connolly

Running Time

100 mins

Year of Production



Aidan Gillen, Renee Weldon, Mannix Flynn, Declan Conlon, Eamon Morrissey

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