Thunder In My Heart

22-year-old Sigrid, known as Sigge, is impulsive, frustrated and fed up with everything. Her belief in true love has been shattered by her parents who were terrible role-models. She’s the kind of person who gets drunk on a Tuesday, and drinks to forget, if only for a little while, and tells the people who judge her for it where to go. 


Her relationship with her father aside, she says what she thinks, rather than staying silent. When she’s angry she is really angry, when she’s happy she is the happiest person alive. Sigge gives the impression of being an open person, but when it comes to talking about her family, she is very closed… a master at lying or joking when she is asked an intimate question.


Anders Hazelius, Sanna Lenken, Amy Deasismont

Running Time

8 x 30 mins

Year of Production



Amy Deasismont, Alexander Abdallah, Julia Lyskova, Max Ulveson, Gustaf Hammarsten, Helen Sjöholm

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