The Truth

An outrageous murder-mystery for the me generation.


Seven young strangers go on a spiritual journey of personal growth, taking in jealousy, hatred, sexual perversion and a little murder on the way.

Candy, in her early 20s and wheelchair-bound, joins a group of mismatched strangers in an isolated country retreat for a week of new-age therapy that she hopes will change her life.


The course is run by charismatic Californian guru Donna Shuck, whose six-step programme Adventures in Truth teaches that spiritual growth can be achieved through speaking the truth at all times.


Candy is quickly disillusioned. In their quest for deep personal growth, Donna's newfound followers reduce the course to petty back-biting and the emotional torture of a young Croatian refugee, Mia.


Is Donna the warm mother they've all been looking for, or is she a dangerously manipulative charlatan? Candy decides she doesn't want to stick around to find out but, when she tries to leave, she discovers she's a virtual prisoner.


George Milton

Running Time

114 mins

Year of Production



Elizabeth McGovern, Rachel Stirling, Elaine Cassidy, William Beck, Karl Theobald, David Cann, Amelia Bullmore, Zoe Telford, Stephen Lord

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