The Power

Abducted and imprisoned by a Cult, Magda awakens in a filthy cell. Despite hearing distant voices, her screams for help go unanswered. 


In time, she befriends another hostage, a girl who provides some comfort. However, as the weeks pass, the Cult prepare Magda for participation in a dark ritual with demonic, religious and sexual overtones and her despair grows. Her only hope is she'll be rescued or find some way to escape but, in the meantime, must face an horrific and terrifying ordeal.


From the Director of the Indi hit, Boston Kickout and in the vein of the Classic Horror, Rosemary's Baby comes the explosive... The Power.


Paul Hills

Running Time

119 mins

Year of Production



Grace Vallorani, Constancer Carter, Valentine Pelka, Jonnie Hurn

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