The Border

A fast-paced, hard-driving dramatic series set in a paranoid post 9/11 world concerned with one topic: The Border. 


The elite Immigration and Customs Security Squad (ICS) takes on the toughest security cases ranging from terrorist infiltrations and cross-border police actions, to trafficking in everything from enriched uranium to abducted children. 


Executive Produced by Emmy winner Peter Raymont (Shake Hands with the Devil), the series confronts the world’s toughest border-security issues with storylines influenced by headline news. The ensemble cast includes Sofia Milos (CSI: Miami), a member of US Homeland Security along with James McGowan (Murdoch Mysteries), Graham Abbey (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica) and Nazneen Contractor (24). 


In a world divided by fear, they hold the line. 


"Spooks meets 24" - MAIL ON SUNDAY


"Slick… with its fast pace, international scope, and sleek production values" - LEE-ANNE GOODMAN, CANADIAN PRESS



Running Time

38 x 1hr

Year of Production



Catherine Disher, Graham Abbey, James McGowan, Jim Codrington, Jonas Chernick, Mark Wilson, Nazneen Contractor, Sofia Milos, Grace Park

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