The Bone Season

Written by next generation author Samantha Shannon and already translated in to 26 languages, The Bone Season (8 x 1hr) is now in development for the small screen with Rainmaker Content on board as international distribution partners of this epic thriller series. 


The Bone Season is a gothic fantasy story set in an alternative London where clairvoyance has been outlawed – in this rich underworld heroine Paige Mahoney operates as a ‘dreamwalker’. 


2059, a dystopian London is ruled by the totalitarian empire of Scion. And hiding in plain sight from Scion are the voyants, people gifted with clairvoyant abilities whose very existence is illegal. Paige Mahoney (22) is one such voyant, a canny young woman working for a criminal syndicate operating in the vibrant but dangerous underworld of voyant London. Paige has long accepted that the only means of survival for someone like her are going to be criminal ones – as her boss likes to say, better an outlaw than a stiff. And she’s uncommonly gifted – a ‘dream walker’, one of the rarest voyant abilities – so she’s making good money.


She has also just been arrested. For murder. All the money in the world won’t save her now. Fully expecting to be executed, Paige is instead shipped to a secret penal colony – Sheol I, in what was once Oxford, where she discovers an even darker secret being kept from the public citizenry of Scion - The Rephaim.


Hot, humanoid creatures with god-like powers, who were yanked into our dimension by the same unexplained cataclysm that granted humanity access to clairvoyance in the first place, two centuries ago. Here, the Rephaim formed an alliance with the Republic of Scion, so that they could hunt and feed off the euros of human clairvoyants. They also train the most powerful ones to fight each other (because why wouldn’t blood-sports be a thing for heavenly psychic vampires?), and to be soldiers in their civil war. And Paige has just been recruited. Well – press-ganged and tortured into submission. Same difference, according to her new (old?) Over Lords.


Paige, like every new captive voyant entering the penal colony, is assigned to a Rephaite keeper to train her, a Rephaite who has previously never taken in a voyant, he is inexplicably drawn to Paige. He’s known only as WARDEN, because telling Paige his real name would be uncouth for a tall dark and handsome nightmare man like himself, and he clearly has issues of his own to sort out. 


Flexing her growing power under the constant threat of Warden’s watchful tutelage and gathering all her courage and cunning, Paige plots her escape – and begins to fan the sparks of a revolution that will burn the prison down around her and bring the tyrannical Republic of Scion to its knees.


“We are delighted to be working with Samantha, Harriet and IR Bell-Webb as they set out on this exciting journey to recreate THE BONE SEASON for the huge army of fans who we know cannot wait to see their heroine and this remarkable world come to life.” - Vicky Ryan, Co-Founder and COO at Rainmaker Content


IR Bell-Webb

Running Time

8 x 60 mins

Year of Production

In Development

Available in HD