The Album

THE ALBUM is a an award winning feature documentary on the evolution of the record industry told from the perspective of art directors and photographers who created the most memorable art in music history - the album sleeve ! 


Top creators of their day discuss the development of the art synonymous with the music you know and love. From Abbey Road, Hotel California and The Dark Side of the Moon to Breakfast in America and Nirvana’s Nevermind, hear the stories behind the creation of these iconic covers and the music that drove them.




Kevin Hosmann

Running Time

1 x 82 mins

Year of Production



Neal Preston, Mick Haggerty, Bob Merlis, John Kosh, Roger Dean, Ernie Cefalu


Los Angeles Rock Festival - 2021 Best Documentary

Munich Music Video Awards - 2021 Best Documentary Nominee

Pasadena International Film Festival - 2021 Best Documentary Nominee

Woodstock Museum Film Festival - 2021 Featured Documentary

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