SURREALESTATE is a ten part drama series about a team of real estate specialists who investigate, discover and correct the—ahem—unconventional problems that make certain properties difficult to sell. They refer to these properties as “metaphysically engaged.” Most of us would call them haunted houses.


What makes the team at The Roman Agency unique—and in demand—is their uncanny ability to investigate and explain the truly inexplicable…and find a solution. And close the sale. That’s the key. Solving the mystery, closing the portal, expelling the demon, putting the tortured soul to rest, those are all just the means to a greater end: A sale. After all, closure is nice—but closings are what The Roman Agency is all about.


Danishka Esterhazy, Paolo Barzman, Paul Fox, Melanie Scrofano


George R. Olson, Ramona Barckert, Duana Taha, Gillian Muller

Running Time

10 x 48mins

Year of Production



Tim Rozen, Sarah Levy, Adam Korson

Available in HD


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