Stasi F.C.

STASI F.C. is the gripping true-crime story of how, in the late 70’s, East Germany’s secret service 
(The Stasi) attempted to subvert the last remaining oasis of free speech in the country – football. 
Living under the Iron Curtain, your choice of football club was essentially a political statement and 
the stadium the only area in which you could openly express your opposition. 

Football thus became a prime target for the authorities. Bribery, intimidation, surveillance, forced 
transfers and even murder ensued as the Stasi engineered a decade of uninterrupted success for 
their preferred team, BFC Dynamo, before it all came crashing down with the fall of the Berlin Wall. 
Our film is told through personal testimony from survivors of the era and an unprecedented deep 
dive into the “Stasi Files”, 111 linear kilometres of corridors containing previously buried Stasi 
memoranda – an absolute treasure trove for enquirers into life under the Communists. 


Arne Birkenstock, Daniel Gordon, Zakaria Rahmani

Running Time

1 x 87

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