Speed Dating

It's not stalking... it's research.


James Van Der Bexton approaches his 30th birthday following the break-up of a relationship and having taken up ‘Speed Dating’ but without much success. Despondent yet still romantic, he turns his attention towards a mysterious young woman who frequents his local bar. In trying to discover more about this mystery stranger, he turns sleuth but with disastrous and comic results leading to him being hospitalised and losing his memory. 


Now, the mysterious woman has vanished and the police start to ask questions about his involvement in her disappearance. James has to piece the events of that night back together bit by bit. His amnesia allows him forget his past woes and his journey becomes more one of self-discovery and reconciliation with his past than just about the events of that night.




Tony Herbert

Running Time

85 mins

Year of Production



Hugh O’Connor, Emma Choy, Alex Reid, David Hayman

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