Silent Grace

A gripping story of friendship and survival.


Based on true events, this is the extraordinary story of an unshakeable bond between two very different women. A young girl, a wild child, Aine, is arrested in Belfast and convicted of joyriding. She is, to her horror, deliberately placed in the wing of Armagh jail containing protesting political prisoners. In addition to this she is housed in a cell with the leader of the prisoners, Eileen. At first their differences all too obviously come to the fore; the two women can find no common ground and are at war with each other. However, as time progresses, Eileen takes pity on Aine, for whom this is a terrifying experience, and helps her come to terms with this new and frightening environment, thus saving Aine's sanity. In turn, as their friendship grows, and the protest escalates, Aine risks all to save Eileen's life. Despite their obvious differences, an unlikely friendship emerges.


Maeve Murphy

Running Time

85 mins

Year of Production



Orla Brady, Conor Mullen, Cathleen Bradley, Cara Seymour, Robert Newman, Dawn Bradfield, Patrick Bergin

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