Scottish Mussel

Ritchie is a Glaswegian chancer with low hopes and no prospects. Disillusioned with city life, he goes undercover at a Highland conservation centre to make his fortune as an illegal pearl fisher with the help of his two hapless and accident prone mates.. 


After meeting Beth, a conservationist passionate about saving endangered mussels he falls for her instantly. Ritchie must beat off competition in the form of Highland Ranger Ethan and help Beth stave off disaster when the centre attracts the unwanted attention of mobster Gavin. Ritchie must risk life and limb to save the situation and win Beth's heart.


Will they find love or is it just a Highland fling?


Talulah Riley

Running Time

93 mins

Year of Production



Martin Compston, Talulah Riley, Morgan Watkins, Joe Thomas, Paul Brannigan

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