Like a modern-day Highwayman, Connor Shelby spends his days on the isolated highways of rural Australia stealing from unsuspecting victims. He justifies his actions by saving his earnings in the hope of taking the love of his life, Lucy Miller, out of the harsh and unforgiving Australian outback.


Across the country, in his ‘quest from God’, a serial Killer moves from town-to-town executing those he believes to be ‘sinful’.  Hot on his trail are Detectives Albert and Ernest, driven and logical, the pair follow the trail of bodies in an attempt to find and stop the brutal Killer.  Their hunt brings them to the South Australian town of Renmark, Connor’s current refuge.


After two young men report being mugged on the highway, Detective Albert investigates and discovers the two cases may be closer to one another than he first realised.  After having his identity exposed, Connor narrowly avoids escape and returns home to say one last good-bye to Lucy before going into hiding, only to find she has become the latest victim claimed by the Killer.  And so, the hunt for redemption, justice and most importantly, revenge, begins.


''a tense and tricky aussie noir''

- Dave Bradley, F+SA 


''beautiful scenery ... unbearable tension''

- John Noonan, FilmInk 


''viciously fierce, strikingly shot, no-holds-barred''

- Sean Cockwell, My Bloody Reviews




Alexander Whitrow


Alexander Whitrow

Running Time

1 x 93'

Year of Production



Alexander Whitrow, Robert Bell, Erik Strauts, Edward Boyd, Sarah Milde

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