Our Big Punjabi Family

Get ready to dive into a world of unconditional love, laughs and chaos under one roof, with Our Big Punjabi Family!


Hilarity ensues as patriarchal South Asian uncles clash with freedom-fighting aunties in this heart-warming comedy about a large, boisterous family forced to live together.


Financial problems force Sitara, her husband, Sunny, and their woke teen, Meenu, to move out of their condo in Vancouver, and into Sunny’s Punjabi family’s suburban home in Abbotsford. Chaos arises as the two families struggle to find balance between old ways and new.


Between her in-law’s unrealistic expectations, the lack of privacy, and everybody’s drama, Sitara begins to have doubts about the living arrangements, forcing Sunny to make a pact with his wife that they will do everything they can to move out and buy a house in Vancouver in six months – a seemingly impossible task.


Leena Manro & Agam Darshi

Running Time

6 x 30'

Year of Production





SeriesFest Official Selection 2023

Available in HD


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