Nina's Tragedies

A very sad comedy.


Israel's submission for Best Foreign Language Oscar, winner of 11 Israeli Academy Awards and recipient of four awards at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, Nina's Tragedies tells the coming-of-age story of 13-year old Nadav, who falls in love with his beautiful aunt Nina. As if being a young teenager isn't enough, Nadav has to cope with his broken family, his parent's divorce, his dying father and his wild mother, as well as his infatuation with Nina.


A film by Savi Gabizon.


"A gently quirky, touching comedy from Israel about a young boy's infatuation with his aunt." - HOUSTON CHRONICLE


"Nina's Tragedies is full of gentle, labyrinthian turns, sly and sweet." - CHICAGO TRIBUNE


Savi Gabizon

Running Time

106 mins

Year of Production



Ayelet July Zurer, Yoram Hatav, Alon Aboutboul, Aviv Elkabets, Anat Waxman, Shmil Ben Ari, Dov Navon, Evganya Dodina

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