Love & Everything in Between

Hamptons. Summer. Love. What could possibly go wrong... ?


It's summer in the Hamptons and love is in the air. What could possibly go wrong? 


Recent college graduate Matt Lynch (Michael Dougherty) romances 17-year-old Abby Smythe (Lexi Lapp). Their relationship is put to the test when a July 4th beach party ends with a sexual assault, causing their relationship to implode. What unravels is "Love & Everything in Between".


Jeremiah Kipp

Running Time

101 mins

Year of Production



Michael Dougherty, Lexi Lapp, Nick Gregory, Angela Pierce, Mikaela Happas


CULVER CITY FILM FESTIVAL - Winner Best Narrative Award: Best Cinematography Michael Dougherty

SOCIALLY RELEVANT FILM FESTIVAL NY - Nominee Jury Prize: Best Narrative Feature Film Michael Dougherty

WORLDFEST HOUSTON – Winner Platinum Remi Award: Dramatic Original Feature Michael Dougherty

WORLDFEST HOUSTON – Winner Platinum Remi Award: Best Feature Film – Romance Michael Dougherty

WORLDFEST HOUSTON – Nominee Finalist Award: Best Actor Michael Dougherty


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