Lahti 2001: A Very Finnish Scandal

To accompany the new drama production Dirty Snow discover this gripping documentary series Lahti 2001: A Very Finnish Scandal. 


In February 2001, a journalist named Riku Rantala received information about a medical bag that contained evidence of Finnish skiers using doping. The bag had been accidentally left at a gas station by the head coach, Kari-Pekka Kyrö, and was later handed over to the police. The incident took place during the World Championships in Lahti and was only one twist in the series of crimes that took more than 15 years to be solved. In Lahti 2001: A Very Finnish Scandal, Rantala and the former Chief Police Investigator (or retired Detective Superintendent) Kimmo Nokkonen investigate the doping scandal in skiing and uncover new revelations.

Running Time

4 x 60'

Year of Production



Nelonen / Ruutu

Available in HD