Killer Evidence

From serial killers to vicious gang killings, “Killer Evidence” follows the painstaking investigations that led to ten shocking crimes in the UK and US being solved through evidence left behind by the murderer.


Each episode features a new murder case and each clue is forensically analysed as the stories of brutal murders are told by the leading police or forensic experts on the case. Our cases start with the crime scene, as the first pieces of evidence in the deadly puzzle are gathered.  More evidence is gradually added to the picture as investigators draw closer to the murderer. Leading forensics scientists from blood spatter experts to digital analysts, criminologists and forensic psychiatrists guide us through every step of the investigation. 


The tension ratchets up as we finally discover the killer evidence that proved the murderer’s guilt beyond doubt: special chemicals reveal trails of blood invisible to the human eye, the analysis of earth from under a car leads police to a hidden burial site and a footprint pointing the wrong way helps catch a killer who thought he was too clever to be caught.

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