Just For The Record

This business is tough!


Just For The Record is a movie for anyone thinking of making a feature film on the cheap. By turns hilarious, tragic and poignant, the film shows what it's really like in the seedy, cash strapped and ultimately thankless world of low budget film making. 


Reminiscing about every stage of the process from conception to delivery, this pathetic tale will both entertain and inform. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry so, don't say you weren't warned! With a stellar British and international cast you're about have the experience of a lifetime.


Steve Lawson

Running Time

75 mins

Year of Production



Geoff Bell, Steven Berkoff, Phil Davis, Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass, Ciaran Griffiths, Roland Manookian, Lisa McAllister, Callum McNab, Billy Murray, Sean Pertwee, Colin Salmon, Victora Silvstedt, Triana Terry,

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