Intercept explores a Century of Britains largest and most secretive intelligence organisation: Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ). 

This film takes an exoteric approach to documenting GCHQ's history and it’s profound effect on the modern world and the many technological advancements we take for granted such as computers and the internet both of which may not have been invented had it not been for GCHQ. 

From Room 40 in Whitehall to Bletchley Park up to present day at The Doughnut, Intercept sheds fresh light on GCHQ’s history and methods gathering intelligence during WW1, WW2, the Cold War right through to modern day mass surveillance techniques. While still considered as one of the most advanced and innovative intelligence services in the world, playing a pivotal role in shaping Britain's secret state, very little is known about it.


JP Davidson

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Prof. Sir David Omand, Dr David Kenyon, Tim Ripley, Dr David Easter, Prof. Richard J Aldrich, Dr Andrew Herbert,Dr Jim Beach, Prof. Anthony Gleese, Adam Forty, Professor John Ferris, Tessa Dunlop, Pamela Rose, Pat Davies

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