How To Lose Your Lover

Owen's got a plan, or has he? He's really not very sure...


Owen is an L.A.-based writer who's lost sight of his own dreams while writing about the sensational (and not so sensational) lives of z-grade celebrities.  
When he is cruelly dumped by his girlfriend, he quits his job and makes plans to leave LA the city that he kind of loves yet hates at the same time. To ensure that he can't go back to his old life he decides to burn all of his bridges and sets about telling his friends what he really thinks about each of them....


How to Lose your Lover is a grown up romantic comedy that zings with clever one liners and has just the right amount of knowing cynicism. 


Jordan Hawley

Running Time

95 minutes

Year of Production



Poppy Montgomery, Paul Schneider, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Westfeldt, Fred Willard

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