Hallows Eve

The Hallows Estate is on alert as strange graffiti tags with messages declaring the streets will be taken over on Halloween night begin to appear on walls around the place, along with sightings of strange figures lurking in the shadows. 


One of the gangs responsible for the serious anti-social behavior that give the estate a bad name decide to take these threats head-on and ignore the curfew on Halloween night. But, whoever's behind this new threat, they seem to have the very night on their side as they make good on their promise of reclaiming the streets by frightening, intimidating and violent means.


"A must-see for genre fans, saturated with references to the classics with plenty of scares." - THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS


Brad Watson

Running Time

88 mins

Year of Production



Sarah Akokhia, Ethan Taylor, Lenox Kanbaba

Available in HD


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