Dwarf Story

Seven years ago, a miracle drug, Vosoritide, came on the market. It provided hope for an end to a medical condition called achondroplasia, more commonly known as dwarfism, that affects one in every 25,000 people. Families were told it would make their children significantly taller, as well as treating other medical complications associated with the condition, offering the promise of a more 'normal life'. But has it worked ?


In DWARF STORY, we join three extraordinary young people from around the world (from America, Britain and Australia) - and the clinical geneticist who has led the development and application of the drug - as they reveal how their lives have been affected by the treatment.


At the intersection of parental choice, personal identity and social stigma, their experience give voice to a vital and urgent question. As scientific advances redefine what's possible...is dwarfism, and in turn disability in general, a problem to be cured ?




Riccardo Servini

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1 x 80 mins/ 1 x 52 mins/ 1 x 46 mins

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