Dirty Snow

Dirty Snow is a compelling 6-part drama series that explores the doping scandal that shook the world of cross-country skiing during the 2001 World Championships in Lahti, Finland.  


The story follows freelance reporter, Riku Rantala‚Äôs hunt for the truth, which ultimately led to a crucial turning point in the fight against illegal drug use in sports. 

Based on real life events, this captivating series takes audiences to the dark underbelly of professional sports and the lengths that some athletes will go to when they feel failure is not an option. Delving into the psychological and physical toll that doping takes on athletes, as well as the intricate network of coaches, doctors, and officials who enable this behaviour. Dirty Snow is a timely reminder of the importance of integrity and fair play in sports, and the devastating consequences that can arise when these values are compromised.


Complimentary programming available as a 4 x 1 hour documentary series Lahti 2001: A Very Finnish Scandal.

Running Time

6 x 60'

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Nelonen / Ruutu

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