Coward Of The County

Inspired by the song of the same name from Kenny Rogers, this television movie adaptation is set in Georgia during the onset of America's involvement in World War II.  


Becky (Largo Woodruff)  and Tommy (Fredric Lehne) are dating when "Jimmy Joe" Gatlin, the lead bully in the Gatlin family clan decides to claim her as 'his girl'. Jimmy Joe and his brothers assault Becky when she rejects him just days before her wedding to Tommy. Tommy, a life-long yellow-belly who made a deathbed promise to his father to be a pacifist seeks bloody revenge on the men who assaulted his wife and enlists the help of his uncle, Reverend Matthew Spencer (Kenny Rogers).


Dick Lowry

Running Time

95 mins

Year of Production



Kenny Rogers, Fredric Lehne, Largo Woodruff

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