Amy Winter

Adapted by Susan Everett.


Respected Detective Amy Winter's world is turned upside down when she is contacted by one half of the notorious serial killing couple Lillian and Jack Grimes. Imprisoned by Amy's deceased detective father, Lillian has been in jail for nearly 30 years. She seems to want to make amends and offers to show Amy where the victim’s bodies are buried. Amy is initially delighted. But their first encounter reveals a horrifying secret that her parents have kept from her since she was a child. Lillian Grimes is her mother.


Shocked to discover she is the daughter of serial killers, grief-stricken, Amy is still drawn in by Lillian’s promise to reveal the locations of bodies that have been missing all these years. Lillian is a ruthless psychopath intent on manipulating the information she has on Amy in any way she can. Each time Lillian reveals the whereabouts of a body she insists on accompanying the force to show them, feigning an inability to remember things exactly. She also staggers each of the bodies, insisting that Amy do things before she will reveal details, asking her to seek out her biological brother and sister and pushing Amy’s psyche further and further over the edge.


As Amy delves into her past identity through her late father's case files, her contact with Lillian triggers dark memories - her being used as bait by Jack and Lillian as a child to help draw victims to their car, and the murder of Amy's older sister, Sally-Anne, who died trying to protect her. 


Things only get worse when, shortly after Lillian’s revelations, a teenage girl called Hermione is kidnapped - and a group called The Keepers of Truth, start posting cryptic messages online, before publicly pushing for Lillian Grimes' appeal. 

Lillian may help Amy find the three buried bodies - but with Hermione’s life at stake, and the police investigation chasing up false leads, can Amy overcome her demons to prevent another killing? If the price of that brings about her psychopathic mother's freedom - is that too much to pay? And who is really behind Hermione’s kidnapping? 


“We are thrilled to come in on the ground floor to such an incredible piece of IP.  Susan Everett’s vision for the series is challenging, complex and utterly compelling. We believe Amy Winter has all the ingredients to become the next addictive crime character with strong appeal to global audiences.” - Rainmaker Content's Co-Founder Greg Phillips


Susan Everett

Running Time

6 x 60 mins

Year of Production

In Development

Available in HD