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Rainmaker Content To Distribute Selected Viaplay Originals from Nent Group

London, 22 July – Rainmaker Content, the international distributor specialising in drama, factual and special event programming, has inked a distribution agreement with Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the operator of the fast-expanding Viaplay streaming service.  Rainmaker will act as a worldwide distribution partner for selected scripted Viaplay Originals, with NENT Group retaining the necessary rights for Viaplay’s existing and future markets.  

Of the four Viaplay Originals included at the start of the agreement, two have successfully launched on Viaplay: Big Lars (8 x 45’), a spin-off from the popular Danish comedy series and film Klovn, and Thunder in My Heart (8 x 23’) starring Swedish actress and singer Amy Deasismont. The deal also includes the upcoming Viaplay Originals Two Sisters (8 x 23’), based on the best-selling novels by Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman, and What About Monica (8 x 25’), a coming-of-age thriller created by Julie Budtz Sørensen based on her award-winning Danish podcast: `Det med Liv'. 

Greg Phillips, Co-CEO and Founder of Rainmaker Content: “NENT Group has a growing line-up of extremely strong Viaplay Originals with wide international appeal. We are a young company with an exceptionally experienced and enthusiastic sales team and know that we will do a great job for NENT Group bringing these shows to the global stage. We are honoured to have been entrusted with this new role.” 

Vanda Rapti, NENT Group SVP & Head of Acquisitions, Content Distribution & Partnerships: “We’re pleased to work with Rainmaker to distribute some of our most exciting Viaplay Originals outside our markets. Our storytelling is unique and it feels great to team up with a partner who is equally passionate about bold Nordic content. As we embark on our expansion journey and bring Viaplay to 15 markets by the end of 2023, controlling global distribution rights for our Originals with innovative and flexible partnerships is a key focus. This will enable us to maximise the potential of our shows, both in Viaplay’s new markets and for third-party broadcasters and platforms in the rest of the world.” 


About the shows 

Big Lars (8 x 45’)

Lille Lars fights to emerge from the shadow of his friends, Frank and Casper.  The recently divorced comedian is ready for a change, especially in his career, where he wants to be taken more seriously. When he falls in love with Julie, things start happening in his life that he could not have foreseen.  They are convinced they deserve recognition in their own right and will do anything to become famous. 

Thunder in My Heart (8 x 23’)

22-year-old Sigrid, known as Sigge, is impulsive, frustrated and fed up with everything. Her belief in true love has been shattered by her parents who were terrible role-models. She’s the kind of person who gets drunk on a Tuesday, and drinks to forget, if only for a little while, and tells the people who judge her for it where to go. Her relationship with her father aside, she says what she thinks, rather than staying silent. When she’s angry she is really angry, when she’s happy she is the happiest person alive. Sigge gives the impression of being an open person, but when it comes to talking about her family, she is very closed… a master at lying or joking when she is asked an intimate question.

Two Sisters (8 x 23’)  

Alicia (Dilan Gwyn) and Vanessa (Julia Ragnarsson) are sisters and best friends who begin to drift apart in search of finding their identity in the adult world. Alicia lives a luxurious upper middle-class life in Östermalm and looks to have the perfect life with her partner Philip (Hannes Fohlin) but under the surface there are cracks in their relationship. Vanessa makes a comet career in the television industry but finds herself behaving destructively in Stockholm's nightlife and falls helplessly for music producer Martin (David Larsson).  As she struggles to protect her little sister, her responsibility and consideration towards her is easily misinterpreted.

What About Monica (8 x 25’)  

16-year-old Louise’s life is turned upside down when her best friend Monica is raped at a party. Burdened by guilt, Louise is determined to bring the unknown rapist to justice, but when it turns out that he might be within their group of friends, things get complicated. Everyone has secrets, forbidden emotions, and desires, and no one can be reduced to just good or evil – not even Louise herself. When Nick from their class is falsely accused of raping Monica, Louise is forced to make a choice: Should she continue to blindly follow her friend, or go with her heart and risk their friendship defending Nick? With its main focus on the group of teenagers and their lives in and outside high school, the series becomes a moving and suspenseful portrait of a time in life when friendships, sex, social background, and future dreams mean everything.


LINK TO IMAGES: https://we.tl/t-AhCjZScaR3


Press Contact:  

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Rainmaker Content is a global content company formed to create, finance and distribute commercially appealing scripted and non-scripted programming, collaborating with award-winning producers, production companies and directors who have proven track records of making high quality premium programming for the widest audience. Twitter: @rainmaker_news 



Nordic Entertainment Group AB (publ) (NENT Group)’s Viaplay streaming service is available in every Nordic country and in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Viaplay will launch in Poland and the US in 2021 and the Netherlands in 2022, followed by four additional markets by the end of 2023. We operate streaming services, TV channels, radio stations and production companies, and our purpose is to tell stories, touch lives and expand worlds. Headquartered in Stockholm and with a global outlook, NENT Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (‘NENT A’ and ‘NENT B’). 



We are a young company with an exceptionally experienced and enthusiastic sales team and know that we will do a great job for NENT Group bringing these shows to the global stage. We are honoured to have been entrusted with this new role.” - Greg Phillips, Co-CEO and Founder of Rainmaker Content