Mysterious Creatures

Mysterious Creatures is a compelling drama about a family torn apart by Asperger's syndrome. It is November 2004, and Bill (Timothy Spall) and Wendy Ainscow (Brenda Blethyn) are struggling to cope with Social Services' neglect of their daughter, in her 30s and who is autistic.


In a desperate attempt to escape, they posted a suicide note to a newspaper and ingested a variety of sleeping pills, walking together into the ocean in the hopes of ending it all. On that tragic day, Bill lost his life but Wendy is rescued, leading her to live her life caring for her daughter alone with no state help.


This complex and moving true story of love, loss and reconciliation is bought to life by two of Britain's leading acting talents and introduces Rebekah Staton as their daughter Lisa.


David Evans


Gwyneth Hughes

Running Time

90 mins

Year of Production



Timothy Spall and Brenda Blethyn

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